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Nosotros Alumni Association

Educational achievements are not celebrated enough for African American & Latino students.

The purpose of this event is to celebrate the academic accomplishments of historically underrepresented, first-generational, financially-disadvantaged students from under-served communities. This free event consists of a dinner for families, graduate recognition, resource tables, and a dance. 

 The Community Graduation Celebration focuses on moving the needle toward increased interest in higher education among African American and Latino students by celebrating the educational milestones that are far too often overlooked.

In California, and across the nation, research indicates that although college enrollment rates are low for Latino and African American groups, these groups represents a large population in correctional institutions. Supporting educational efforts (college enrollment, retention & degree acquisition) and celebrating educational milestones are instrumental in shifting this dynamic.

​Brough to you by: Nosotros Alumni, City College SACNAS Chapter & Urban Scholars Union

Desired Outcomes:

  • Increase student sense of belonging, validation and engagement through recognition and celebration of accomplishments 
  • Engage and increase student motivation and involvement in higher education by exposing African American and Latino students to other students of color with whom they can identify 
  • Use the dynamic of peer-to-peer empowerment to increase interest of higher education throughout San Diego’s most under-served communities 
  • Promote degree attainment among African American and Latino Students, specifically in STEM fields 
  • Educate parents and community members about affordable and accessible opportunities in higher education 
  • Empower and educate communities of color